Developed BI Strategy and Tool Partnership

We’ve built a complicated Data Warehouse, but we can’t get any reports out and the reports are inaccurate


Developed a BI strategy and tool selection that laid a purpose driven BI tool. We implemented the solution and rebuilt their Data Warehouse to be aligned to the business.

Improve Efficiency & Metrics

We have twenty people meet every day to look at IT metrics. It is a waste of time.


Reduced the daily 4-hour meeting with more than 20 people to a single weekly meeting, through information prioritization and metrics reporting.

Decision Based Reporting

Our financial business partners are frustrated, we just aren’t delivering what they are asking.


Worked for IT with the CFO of multi-billion dollar distribution area to define the key decisions/questions and mapped to reports. Built 15 reports that saved them over 300 hours per week in report building and analysis work.

Natural Language BI Reporting

Our executives don’t have time to read through dashboards. We want a voice-based BI tool.


Designed and implemented a secure, voice based service that allows executives to ask questions through an Alexa device that responds with a specific bit of information to help in their decision making.