We thrive on relationships

Company leaders trust Affinity to find the right solutions to their complex business and technology challenges. Working closely with our clients, we deliver outcomes that move businesses forward.

We are technology-agnostic, choosing instead to focus on real business outcomes and assemble the right people, process and technologies to deliver those outcomes.

We rely on our real-world experience and pragmatic approach to solve challenging problems.

We seek to establish a collaborative relationship, rather than just be another vendor. Our expertise is best leveraged with a solid understanding of our clients' goals and strategies.

Invest in Relationships

We view client relationships as paramount.

This approach has worked successfully for us and our clients since 2003. We'll put more effort into maintaining and growing an existing relationship over seeking a new one. It's why we go the extra mile for existing clients.

If a relationship becomes 'transactional' in nature, we'll either correct the situation or agree to stop investing. Life is too short for mutually non-productive relationships.

Contextualize the Problem

Internalize the uniqueness of your problem.

Our real-world expertise, built on years working in the field, allows us to identify the problem and find the right solution not just in theory – but in reality. Once context is known, an appropriate solution can be formed.

We will work closely with you to envision the best approach to your unique challenges, constraints and strategies. (There is no one-size-fits-all).

Drive Toward Business Outcomes

Focus on business outcomes.

People, process and technology are important but well-defined business outcomes coupled with early wins drives measurable success.

Being outcome-driven is shaped by the rhythm/culture of your business. We will match your culture and adapt our approach to do the right thing to improve your business.


Communicate Honestly & Directly

Delivering a clear and honest assessment of what we observe.

Candid two-way conversations help us uncover the real challenge. If your reaction to learning about a challenging issue is to shoot the messenger, then please shoot us early.

We're not going to curb our honest and direct dialog. We expect to navigate the path forward together and address challenges as they arise. (We'll also mention if we see a faster, easier, or more cost-effective way to achieve the agreed outcome.)

Focus on Fit

Finding the right fit is extremely important.

Our motivation is to build significant business value for every client on every project. Good client fit is when we both see how our expertise can be utilized for real impact to your company.

Creating a fit sometimes requires flexibility in our services approach - from statement of work preparation and engagement phases, to delivery leadership and use of technical resources. We will strive to leverage your existing investments, flex to your known constraints and align to your timelines.


Partner for LONG-TERM Success

Our clients call us with the best interests of their business in mind.

Satisfy our innate curiosity and inquisitiveness with a challenging question and we'll gladly contribute our knowledge and experience to the conversation. As a partner.

Not all conversations will lead to paid projects. We respond because it's about doing the right thing. We want you and your business to be as successful as you do.