Natural Language Innovation

We took our unique BI approach towards voice because we understand data all the way from business to technical. As a managed service, we introduced a natural language BI platform because we had the technical experience and expertise. Hands-free voice was introduced first in response to client need.

More innovations are being developed. Learn more about our how we do BI right.

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Purposeful Interaction

Consider how Alexa virtual assistant (by Amazon) is rapidly changing our consumer experience of search and inquiry thanks to voice-driven interaction and voice-response delivered through the Echo devices.


Enterprise-level Natural Language BI is achieved when the underlying BI system includes:

  • fundamental design of security and scaling features
  • data access model informed by cultural context and business relevance
  • users and intents are clearly defined

Natural Language BI systems provide a richer experience for users because of their ease of use and speed of data retrieval. Answers can be effectively chunked into small bite-size nuggets making them readily understood and consumed. When responses natively incorporate cultural context and business relevance each interaction becomes highly purposeful.

Hands Free

Alexa by Amazon

Alexa by Amazon

Voice interaction leverages the strength of a Natural Language system by enabling the user to no longer be tethered to a key-board or touch-screen. Inquiry can be experienced through far-field voice recognition and voice response, similar to Echo by Amazon.

By using the Echo device as part of the Natural Language voice response system we have effectively created, Alexa for Enterprise.

User Scenario


A busy media executive wants quick answers on television show rating performance to help guide her ad buy decisions. Data she needs is distributed across a number of disparate internal and external sources. An Analyst, BI specialist or Executive Assistant could be tasked with creating a report - but only the executive knows that later questions will drive off the responses to earlier ones. She needs the information now to make an important series of decisions.


  1. Embrace the time-consuming exchange with her report creator.
  2. Invest time in BI training to learn self-service retrieval of the information herself.
  3. Use her voice to ask natural language questions of the BI system, getting back an immediate voice response.

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