Creating Measurable Benefits

Working with clients towards their successful outcomes requires field-tested processes and methods that deliver results. Below is a sample of the ones we use to guide our approach toward achieving measurable benefits.


"..70% of all organizational change efforts fail, and one reason for this is executives simply don’t get enough buy-in...".

Buy-in is a necessary part of adoption. Getting early clarity and confidence through strategic alignment leads to purpose-drive execution and drives different levels of essential buy-in, 

Focus the BI Driver

The need to make a decision is the common driver. A key impediment is that decision-making processes of the organization are out of alignment - either on strategic direction, goals or with the data available. We start by raising awareness then bring focus.



Process and technology are going to weigh heavily in most BI solutions. Maintaining balance and alignment is key. There is co-dependency for success requiring clarity on each role to move toward a business-oriented outcome.


describe the Flow

Specific activities take place in a continuous loop of observe, orient, decide, act. Repeat. Different activities are complementary through the flow.


Outline Key Deliverables

Each stage has different deliverables, with the final stage being ongoing. These deliverables help set expectations of participation effort and outcome.


Create Natural Language MAPPING

Simple questions feed an agile process to get quick, early wins. Natural language is company culture and industry specific. Nuance is key.


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